Using the New Aeroo Safety Clips | Aeroo Drone Fishing

Using the New Aeroo Safety Clips | Aeroo Drone Fishing

As a part of our promise to continually improve and provide the highest possible standard of product, we have upgraded our Safety Release Clips.

On March 10, 2023, all Aeroo Drone Kits and Safety Clip Accessories were upgraded for stronger, easier and more reliable performance over time. All orders shipped from this date include these upgraded clips!

This article will run through how they are used, as well as tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your drone!

What’s New

  • No more 3-Way Swivel needed
  • Attach your line via tying a loop and clipping it in


The Aeroo Safety clip is designed to safely release the rig from the drone in the event of an emergency line snag, tangle etc. It is designed to be tight enough to stay attached to your line while reeling back in, yet loose enough to detach or yank the rig free from the drone in an emergency!

Old: Aeroo Old Safety Clip
New: Aeroo Safety Clip New


What line to use?

From our testing, Mono/Fluorocarbon line between 0.3-0.4mm in diameter is ideal. Depending on your payload, we suggest refining what line thickness works best for you. To do this:

  • The leader should detach with light force, but not detach during flight due to momentum.
  • If you are using a deadweight to test detachment, it should be approx 400g


How to tie a loop in your line to attach to the Safety Clip?

The Perfection Loop Knot, also known as an Angler’s Loop, is a quick, easy and effective knot for attaching to the safety clip.

Instructions for this, as well as a video can be found here: (credit

How to Rig the Drone

When Drone fishing, using a drop loop setup keeps the line clear from the propellers. This prevents any tangles with sudden wind, turbulence etc. This drop loop should be approx. 0.5-1m length. See the diagram below on how to use a drop loop with your rig.

Aeroo Rig

This is a suggested basic rig only and not all components are exact or are vital.


Tips to remember

While the Safety Clip is not essential to drone fish with Aeroo, it is highly recommended and significantly reduces the risks involved with drone fishing.

  • If you are regularly losing clips, we suggest using a thicker line such that it does not disconnect while getting dragged back in.
  • The payload weight increases the further out you fly due to line drag
  • While flying out, have the rod on hand in case you need to pull the bait out in an emergency.

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