Aeroo Pro Remote ID Integration Status

For customers based in the USA only, Remote ID (RID) is a recently introduced system that broadcasts drone and pilot information to other parties to improve safety, security and accountability. 

The Aeroo Pro is currently with the FAA undergoing tests for RID approval, once approved, all USA shipments therein for the Aeroo Pro will be RID integrated and compliant. 

External Remote ID modules such as this are available for around $50 and will make the Aeroo Pro fully compliant: Ruko R111 RID Module


Here's the latest:

  • Pre-orders shipping July 25th do not have RID integrated into the Aeroo Pro and require an External Remote ID module.
  • First Shipments of RID compliant Aeroo Pro are scheduled for September 15th.



Please contact us at if you would like us to hold off on shipping your drone until we can ship with integrated Remote ID.

Updated: July 7th, 2024