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✈ The Drone

Can I fly without my phone?


You will miss out on some features like the live image transmission but for those who just want to get straight up in the air, fly around, film, drop and auto return home safely, you do not need to link your phone. In saying that, we have made it super quick and easy to link your phone and it definitely enhances your Aeroo experience!

Can I fly in remote areas with no phone reception?

Yes! You can use all of Aeroo's features from anywhere in the world. 

The GPS on Aeroo uses the GNSS system which covers the entire earth. Also the drone has it's own internal 5G wifi transmission system which your phone and remote can pick up anywhere.

What is the range?

Maximum flight distance is up to 1000m, however the video feed to your phone will cut out sooner (up to 600m). 

Ensure you maintain line of sight and keep the antennas pointed towards the drone.

How fast can it go?

For our speed freaks out there, Aeroo has a top speed of 40kph

How long does the battery last?

It depends! 

Without a payload, in a single flight you can get up to 18 minutes per battery. This time significantly reduces the heavier a payload you carry.

If you are using Aeroo for fishing, we strongly recommend having a few batteries on hand for a good day out. 

Is Aeroo overpriced?

Oh Dear, you can tell the ones who haven't experienced the Aeroo drone for themselves yet! Gone are the days of employing the missus to fetch your beverage, or waiting for the fish to come to you. We assure you, our drone is worth every penny. Our engineers and designers have spent thousands of hours and source the best possible materials to ensure your Aeroo drone is powerful and built to last.

Do you offer wholesale or bulk purchase discounts?

We do not offer bulk discounts for re-selling but for all the office bosses out there who want a drone war office party this year, you can contact us at

Is Aeroo waterproof?

Ahh water and technology, the age old rivals. Unfortunately Aeroo is not fully waterproof and we do not recommend flying in the rain. However, our designers have spent thousands of hours designing low tolerance, sealed mechanics to minimize the impact of rain and sea spray. On top of this, we have multiple failsafe systems like intelligent return to home, vision positioning and warning indicators to ensure you don't end up in the drink!

What is Aeroo's environmental impact?

Here at Aeroo, we are passionate about using our product for good. 

We have taken multiple measures to minimise our environmental footprint, including: 

  • Bio-degradable materials used in production of safety clips
  • 100% carbon neutral shipping
  • A small proportion of every order goes towards Aerial Search and Rescue Charities in Australia such as

Where is Aeroo manufactured?

We are a 100% Australian owned company. Our drones are designed and tested by our engineers and technicians operating out of Sydney's Northern Beaches in Australia. To minimize the price for you, our drones are made in China. We regularly visit and work closely with a family owned business in the mountainous and coastal region "Ninghai" who share our passion for drones, fishing and most importantly quality craftsmanship.

Every purchase comes with full warranty, free returns and lifetime technical support from our Australian team, who want you to get the absolute most out of your drone.

Do I have to use the Safety Clips for fishing?

Of course not! they are only there as a precaution. The clip is designed to release at a safe, factory set tension and designed to safely detach the payload from the drone in the event of a snag, yet stay clipped to the mainline while reeling in dinner!

⛟ Delivery, Returns and Warranty

How is Aeroo packaged?

We are just as excited as you for you to receive your Aeroo Drone, and we have prepared this special payload for the occasion. Your drone will be carefully wrapped in a biodegradable sleeve and nestled in its high impact foam carry bag ready for use. We will ship your drone secured with strong Aeroo tape in our thick custom box, ready for it's special day!

How long does Aeroo take to deliver?

Our drones have already flown around the world to a location near you, so delivery after you place your order is super fast!

Shipping usually takes 1-8 business days depending on your location. Exact postage time and quotes are calculated at checkout.

You will have tracking as soon as it leaves us.

**Please note all shipping timeframes are estimates and are not guaranteed, please contact us if you have not received your product within 20 business days of placing your order

Is it really free returns?

Yes! You can blink and rub your eyes as much as you'd like. We are so confident you will love Aeroo that we will offer a full refund and free return shipping if it's not for you.

If you are located outside of Australia, you will have to pay return postage fees to the closest global warehouse to you.

See our Returns Policy for full details!

How much do I pay for shipping?

We work with a number of couriers to offer you the most efficient shipping service possible. 

Your discounted shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. We now offer express priority options for our growing USA, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand customer base.

*Please Note: Shipping Terms are DDU meaning you are responsible for any customs tax incurred on imports for your local region. Please check details with your local customs authority if you are unsure. At the time of writing this does not apply to US orders under $1,600 Australian orders or NZ orders below $1000. Please get in touch for DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) quote if you are unsure about what tax you may incur in your local region.

Where does Aeroo ship from?

Our drones have already flown around the world to a location near you, so delivery after you place your order is super fast!

Delivery timeframe estimates are constantly updated and accurate when you checkout,

Help, I think my order might be lost in transit

Sometimes life happens and your order gets delayed or mislabeled. We completely understand and know how frustrating it is. Please be rest assured that your transit is insured by us and we will provide you with a full refund or replacement if your parcel is marked as "lost in transit" by the courier.

Please be patient and if you have still not received your package within 10 days after the quoted delivery time frame, contact us at and we will investigate the matter for you.

How do I track my order?

As soon as your package is dispatched, we will provide you with tracking details via email. From this you are able to follow a link to track your parcel online. 

*Please note that there is often a delay in tracking updates.

Is my parcel insured?

Yes! We insure every parcel that we send and ensure is delivered to you safely. In the very unlikely event of and product loss or damage while in transit (until marked as delivered), you will be reimbursed.

How long is the warranty?

We pride ourselves on our after sales service and support, and will quickly and fairly resolve any issues or trouble you may fly into with your drone. 

The Aeroo Fishing/Delivery Drone comes standard with a 12 Month Warranty, no matter where you are in the world. See our full Warranty Policy

💳︎ Payment

How do I place an order?

Simply add as many items as you wish to your shopping cart while browsing our store.

Once you want to proceed with the order - do so by going to the cart (top right) and clicking "Checkout". Follow the instructions by providing us with delivery information and select your preferred shipping and payment method the for goods.

Our support team is always happy to guide you at any step!

How secure is your payment?

Your privacy and security is our highest priority. Like thousands of other big Australian brands, we use Shopify Payments. It is highly encrypted and ultra secure designed to protect customers and hold merchants like us accountable.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit card and Debit card payments (such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

If you need a little longer to pay for your Aeroo order, we now offer Afterpay and ZipPay.

What currency is the store in?

We are 100% Australian owned but your payments will be processed in either your local currency or the most optimal exchange for you. You will be notified of any conversion at checkout before you process your order!

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