Best Drone Fishing Rig for catching snapper, sharks, tuna etc

Best Drone Fishing Rigs 2023 | Aeroo

We've spent hundred of hours out on the beaches and rocks testing a plethora of different drone fishing rigs, and have compiled this list of those rigs we found most effective. We will also discuss effective baits to use for each and good techniques to use so you can get straight to the fun.

All the below rigs are simple and effective setups that can be easily customised to suit your location and target species.

Drone fishing with Aeroo Fishing Drone

Basic Rig

This is one of the most simple and effective rigs for safely taking your bait out and for getting fast results. It is quick to setup, requires minimal input and has a low tendency to get tangled. It's perfect for targeting low water/bottom dwelling species like red fish, tailor or salmon.

Popular baits

Kingfish caught on drone

Pilchards, mullet, beach/sand worms, squid, live baits


  • Adapt to a grapnel/breakaway sinker for live baits or stronger currents to anchor it down.
  • Consider adding more hooks (see snapper rig)

Float Rig

This rig is perfect for targeting higher water species like Tuna, Marlin and other game fish.

Popular baits

Pilchard, sand eel, lures


  • Cast into the current to let the bait drift by.
  • Ensure the total leader length is 5m+, you can adjust the balloon for shallower or deeper waters, keep the balloon well clear of the drone

Snapper Rig

Similar to the basic rig but accommodating more hooks for potential double or triple hookups should a school swim by.

Snapper Drone Fishing Rig - aeroo

Popular baits

Snapper caught on aeroo drone

Whole fish baits like pilchards, squid, whiting, yellowtail etc


  • Ensure there is a sufficient distance between each hook to avoid a big tangle.
  • Be mindful that using a grapnel/breakaway sinker for this kind of rig can make line retrieval very difficult

Shark Rig

This strong and simple setup will have you fighting bull sharks, tiger sharks and rays etc. in no time

Shark Drone Fishing Rig - Aeroo

Popular baits

Any fish with high oil and blood content is best for attracting sharks. We have seen the most success with tuna, mackerel and mullet. These can be dropped out whole or in fillets depending on the size of shark you are targeting


  • Make sure your rod and reel setup is ready to take on sharks (see setup guide)
  • A weak line to the sinker is highly recommended, for the best chances of landing the shark or to protect it should the line break.

drone fishing aeroo drone

All the above rigs will work with the Aeroo Fishing Drone as well as most other fishing drones on the market. If you are using a drone with a manual release, make sure you are confident tugging the line from the drone safely and timely to avoid issues with diminishing battery life.

Comment below your favourite drone fishing rig!

*Note - the above rigs all use a dropper loop, this keeps the line further from the drone and the propellers, it is not essential but highly recommended.

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How do I release the three way swivel , I’ve had drone in the air and pushed release button but it has not released


How do I release the three way swivel , I’ve had drone in the air and pushed release button but it has not released


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