Aeroo Pro Pre-Order Live Status

Thank you for your pre-order for the new Aeroo Pro. We've packed so much into this drone and can't wait to get it to you.

This page will be updated regularly and can be used to track the progress of your Aeroo Pro before it is handed over to the final courier.


Current Status: Shipping to Local Warehouse

Estimated Final Shipment Date: 26th - 31st July

(Updated 24 July, 2024, 1.51pm AEST)

- Due to the global IT outage, total transit time has been extended as systems recover and the backlog clears. We will keep this page updated daily. 



  • Manufacture Stage 1 (Completed)

    Individual parts are made, including the high strength shell, industrial motors and battery cells, camera, and circuit boards

  • Manufacture Stage 2 (Complete)

    Here your Aeroo Pro takes shape, our engineers carefully wire up every little component in the drone, batteries and remote.

  • Manufacture Stage 3 (Complete)

    Final Assembly and thorough testing of your Aeroo Pro, to ensure it's built to last for years to come.

  • Shipping to Local Warehouse (In-Progress)

    Manufacture of your Aeroo Pro is complete. It is being shipped in bulk to our closest warehouse to you. This takes 6-12 business days

  • Final Delivery

    The final step, from our local Warehouse to your door, this usually takes 5-10 business days!