Aeroo v2 - What's New!

Aeroo v2 - What's New!

Introducing: Aeroo v2

Aeroo Aeroo v2
Aeroo Drone

Upgraded Aeroo Drone - Same Low Price!

Since its launch, we've spent the past year upgrading various components on our drone to create the best affordable fishing drone on the market.
Aeroo v2 combines these upgrades to create the most reliable, easy to use and effective drone fishing system.

What's Changed for Aeroo v2?

✅ Upgraded Mainboard and Processor:
  • 20% longer range
  • Stronger signal in built up area
  • 50% more accurate GPS system with faster acquisition.
✅ Upgraded Release Module:
  • Stronger design supporting drone strength
  • 30% more powerful motor
  • 20% longer battery life.
✅ Upgraded Safety Clips and other supporting accessories:
  • Stronger designs allowing for more consistent fishing and delivery uses.
✅ Plus Much More!
  • New Carry Bag
  • Updated App
  • Carry Box
  • Hooks
  • Landing pad etc.
Get yours now while stocks available:
Any questions or want to learn more? Get in touch with our awesome support team at
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How come you guys don’t answer questions . Don’t you read the comments?


Hi there, just wanting to know where do I use the 8 orange stickers that comes with the landing pad thanks


Would be nice to see answers to questions asked by others


Hi there,

I am interested in this product. Is it water proof and how does it handle salt water exposure compared to other makes and models. Many thanks




Happy with my drone, has helped to catch several pink snapper by just getting out a little bit past the breakers, Finding it great value for money so far!


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