Fishing Drones Comparison Chart Best 2021 What Fishing Drone Should I buy?

Best Fishing Drones Comparison 2023

In recent years, drone fishing has exponentially increased in popularity, due to it's accuracy, ease of use and power to cast a line further than any man. In 2021, there are now quite a few fishing drones on the market, which are each tailored to meet the varied needs of each fisherman.

Best Fishing Drones 2023

Best Budget Fishing Drone 2021

Aeroo Fishing Drone

Aeroo Fishing Drone

At just 25% of the cost of the next competitor, and holding features that take it above and beyond them, the Aeroo Fishing drone is the obvious choice for getting into drone fishing.


  • Price - nothing even comes close and it is low risk - high reward fishing!
  • Safety Release Clip - allows for trolling and emergency release
  • Full GPS - Return Home, Auto Takeoff, Hover, Waypoints etc.
  • High Resolution 4k Camera with tilt function to scout in flight.
  • Simple and Compact - Unlike most other fishing drones, this packs into a small carry case and doesn't require battery cell balancing or other rc maintenance knowledge to use.


how much is 250g
  • Limited payload - 250g is big enough to go after game fish and sharks but long liners or trawlers should look for bigger.
  • Not Waterproof - While no fishing drone should end up in the drink thanks to their safety features, being waterproof means (depending how far out you are) you may be able to retrieve it.

Best Ultra Heavy Fishing Drone

Cuta Copter Trident

Cuta Copter are a long established and trusted name when it comes to fishing drones and their latest Trident series is no exception. We included the T3K in our comparison as we feel that provides more than enough payload for multiple large baits and serious long line fishing setups, but the T5K for a few hundred more ups that payload to 3.5kg.


  • Huge Payload - 2.5kg+, this beast will take out 10+ large baits at once.
  • Smart GPS Functions - On top of auto return home, hover, takeoff etc, it has waypoint missions and gps location save for consistent drops.
  • Waterproof - Fully sealed internals and motors.
  • Long Range - 1.5km, chances are if you are looking at this drone, you have a pretty serious setup and spool to suit, so something with the flexibility to go as far as you need is appreciated


  • Expensive - Hanging around the $3000 mark, these drone's aren't cheap and is a lot of money to have flying out to sea.
  • Low Quality Camera - In our opinion, a good camera on a fishing drone is essential and while Cuta do offer a good 2 axis HD Camera system for it, it will set you back another few hundred bucks.

Best Scouting Fishing Drone

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Is by far the biggest name in the drone industry and for good reason - their camera system. For those with the budget, the Phantom 4 pro is an excellent hybrid system that combines a large, 3 axis stabilised 4k camera sensor and a robust design for drone fishing capabilities.

dji Phantom 4 pro drone fishing


  • Excellent camera to find where to cast and record the catch
  • Big Payload to meet just about all drone fishing needs
  • Full GPS and refined app interface


  • Expensive - A lot of features are not needed for drone fishing, and it lacks some emergency failsafe systems to protect the drone flying out.
  • Release system not included, unless you botch a homemade solution, you will have to spend an extra couple hundred dollars on a release system like the Gannet Sport.

Hopefully this article was useful in determining what the right fishing drone for you is.

The information provided in this article is for guidance purposes only and judgements are made on available data and experience to the best of our knowledge. Always read the exact spes of the drone you are buying at the purchase source to determine information accuracy as various brands/models can vary very slightly between manufacturers and regions.

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