Aeroo Service Centre

Please only use the below form if your drone is damaged or lost

Having issues with startup, connection, app, etc?
Please check out the designated support page for your drone

Frequently Asked Questions

I have Aeroo Protect, do I claim it here?


Let us know in the above contact form that you have Aeroo Protect, once the form is submitted we will send through your free return label and payment link.

What components should I ship to the Aeroo Service Centre?

We will instruct you exactly which components to send in, alongside shipping instructions. Typically, we will only require the bare drone (no remote, battery, propellers, SD card etc).

How long will the process take?

The Repair Service will be completed within 4 business days after we receive your drone (if data analysis is required please allow up to 3 additional business days). We will keep you updated with progress and tracking throughout the process.

How do I claim warranty?

By submitting the Aeroo Service Request Form, a warranty claim is automatically lodged.

In the assessment phase, our technicians will determine the likely causation for the incident and whether or not it is covered under warranty.

Our warranty policy covers any clear manufacturing defects, we may ask you for more information to assist with the warranty process.