Aeroo v2

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Can I fly without my phone?


You will miss out on features like the live image transmission, but for those who want to get straight up in the air, fly around, film, drop and auto-return home safely, you do not need to link your phone. In saying that, we have made it super quick and easy to link your phone, which enhances your Aeroo experience!

Can I fly in remote areas with no phone reception?


You can use all of Aeroo's features from anywhere in the world. 

The GPS on Aeroo uses the GNSS system, which covers the entire earth. Also, the drone has its own internal 5G wifi transmission system, which your phone and remote can pick up anywhere.

What is the range?

The maximum flight distance is 1000m, however, the video feed to your phone will cut out sooner (up to 600m). 

Ensure you maintain a line of sight and keep the antennas pointed towards the drone.

How fast can it go?

For our speed freaks out there, Aeroo v2 has a top speed of 40kph.

How long does the battery last?

It depends! 

Without a payload, you can get up to 18 minutes per battery. This time significantly reduces the heavier a payload you carry.

If you are using the Aeroo v2 for fishing, we strongly recommend having a few batteries on hand for a good day out. 

Is the Aeroo v2 waterproof?

Unfortunately, the Aeroo v2 is not fully waterproof and we do not recommend flying in the rain.

However, our designers have spent countless hours designing low-tolerance, sealed mechanics to minimize the impact of rain and sea spray. On top of this, we have multiple failsafe systems like intelligent return to home, vision positioning and warning indicators to ensure you don't end up in the drink!

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