Aeroo Protect

The ultimate protection for your special drone.

Aeroo protect is comprehensive protection for your Aeroo drone, offering a low cost, express replacement in the event of any accidental damage, water damage and even loss in flight. 

Replacement Process

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Swift Replacement Service

For a small additional charge, you can have your damaged drone replaced with a new unit in a few days.

Aeroo Protect replacement costs: Aeroo Pro

Collision: $89 AUD

Water Damage: $199 AUD

Lost in Flight: $299 AUD

Free Shipping

If you are in AUSTRALIA, Aeroo will cover shipping costs both ways.

Official Warranty Extended

Aeroo Protect is in addition to your standard warranty - whereby we assure the quality of your drone.

You will receive a full 12 months warranty on any discounted replacement craft claimed through Aeroo Protect.

If your Aeroo Protect discounted replacement remains unclaimed at the end of the 12 months, you will receive an additional 12 months extended warranty.

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Discounted Repair Access

If you have an accident and have already claimed your discounted replacement or do not wish to use your fixed cost replacement, you will have unlimited discounted repairs via our service centres while your Aeroo Protect is active.


How can I claim standard Warranty?

Aeroo Protect is comprehensive cover, on top of your existing standard warranty with the drone. When submitting a service request, a warranty claim is automatically made for you.

Once we receive your drone to our service centre, our technicians will review all information and flight logs thoroughly.

Please note that our warranty policy covers any manufacturing faults with the drone. It is often difficult to determine the exact cause of an incident and assign blame, in which case a partial warranty will be applied.

Can I purchase Aeroo Protect later?

Aeroo Protect must be purchased before activating your drone, as it is bound to your specific drone.

If you purchase Aeroo Protect after your drone has been activated, it will not be bound to your existing drone.

Can I use Afterpay?

Yes, we accept afterpay for all purchases on our site.

Does this replace Warranty?

No, Aeroo Protect is comprehensive cover for your drone on top of your standard warranty. It offers you a low cost, express replacement option in the event of any accidental damage, water damage and even fly aways.

How many replacements can I get?

Aeroo Protect can only be used once.

How much do I pay for a replacement drone under Aeroo Protect

Aeroo Protect new drone replacement fees - Aeroo Pro

  • Collision $89 AUD
  • Water Damage: $199 AUD
  • Fly Away/Loss: $299 AUD

How long does the replacement process take?


Where can I view the full Aeroo Protect Terms of Service?

Okay you got us, this is not a frequently asked question. We have however spent a long time writing out the full terms and strongly suggest reading them before purchase: